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If you are experiencing any of these changes, we can help.

  • Fatigue, low energy
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Increased belly fat
  • Decreased libido
  • Poor sleep
  • Brain fog


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A Lifetime of Health & Wellness

Cenegenics uses advanced, comprehensive testing to develop personalized medical programs. Our programs for both men and women are designed to:

  • Decrease the risk for age related conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and congnitive decline, among others
  • Improve these conditions if already present
  • Correct metabolic and hormonal deficiencies
  • Increase physical and sexual vitality
  • Improve muscle tone and decrease body fat
  • Sharpen mental acuity
  • Improve sleep quality

1. The Elite Health Evaluation

This full day evaluation includes an intensive set of diagnostics to establish your metabolic and physiologic baseline.

2. Creation of a Personalized Health Program

Using the results of the Elite Health Evaluation, a personalized program is created by your Cenegenics Physician and Exercise and Nutrition Consultant.

3. Tracking and Adjustment of Your Program

Your Cenegenics team will track your progress, schedule regular check ups and adjust your personalized program to help you achieve optimal results.

  • Your physician will manage your program medically and remain accessible via phone, email and/or in person.
  • Your personal Exercise and Nutrition Consultant contacts you regularly to fine tune your nutrition and exercise program and keep you motivated.
  • Your Service Coordinator ensures that your program, lab draws and products flow smoothly, providing you with the 5-Star level of service that you expect and deserve.
  • If convenient for you, follow up visits at the center are encouraged to review labs with your physician, perform follow up body composition scans and review your exercise and nutrition program with your counselor.

Why Cenegenics?

  • Experienced Physicians, trained and certified in Age Management Medicine
  • Easy access to your doctor, Exercise and Nutrition Consultant and Service Coordinator
  • Online fitness and nutrition tracking
  • Patient education updates
  • Insights into medical articles in the media so you can separate fact from hype
  • Medical grade supplements
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Knowledge is power—and that's what this guide delivers. Gain a deeper understanding of your aging process and how the Cenegenics approach can lead you on a journey of self-discovery, youthful aging and optimized health.