"How You Reverse Your 'Biological' Age. And Rebalance Your Body to Where You 

Were In Your 20s and 30s..." - Dr. Claudia Villate MD-

Now, More Than Ever

Naturally, We share your concern with the current health situation. It’s top-of-mind for everyone.

Be assured, our doctors and health-support staff are here for you.

Today, full availability to your physician (and medical support staff) by phone, email  and text message is more important than ever before.

Your Cenegenics® doctor will know you, listen to you, provide you more personalized medicine, and be more available to you than any doctor you’ve ever known.

​About Cenegenics®


  • Fatigue and low energy levels
  • Weight gain, especially around your mid-section
  • Brain fog, inability to think clearly
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression, irritability, anxiety
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Restless nights, poor sleep

Cenegenics® is the undisputed leader in AGE MANAGEMENT

Cenegenics® world class physicians are trained in the medical speciality of age management medicine. Our physicians go beyond treating a disease and instead focus on preventive medicine. They help you get to the root causes of underlying health issues to restore your health and vitality. You'll achieve peak physical and mental performance, despite a demanding lifestyle, often in under 90 days.


Cenegenics® created the field of Age Management Medicine in 1997  and is regarded as the Gold Standard in the medical community. 


In a recent study, Cenegenics® members recorded an average decrease of 30% in body fat percentage. 


Physicians trust us as their families represent 25% of our elite membership.

“No one wants to sit around waiting to feel old. Even worse is the fear of diseases that seem to be common as you age...obesity, fatigue, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and cancer.”

Physician Dr. McCallen


With over 20 centers and growing throughout the U.S. and internationally we are excited to surpass your expectations! We offer complimentary private consultations and full VIP treatments through our patient experience. Isn't it time you start feeling better?

We Take a Proactive Approach to Aging

Cenegenics® doesn't subscribe to traditional medicine's "fix-it-when-it's-broken" and "diagnose-and-treat" philosophies. We focus on optimal health, offering proactive, preventive medical care. We believe in enhancing your health and well-being rather than waiting for age-related diseases to appear. 

Our Elite Health Evaluation Goes Way Beyond Hormones

01 Discover Hidden Health Problems

Our certified physicians look at 88 biomarkers to understand exactly how your body is functioning. You'd be surprised what our physicians find that traditional medicine misses — insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, food allergies, chronic inflammation and more!

02 Personalized Health Plan for Your Demanding Lifestyle

Our team physicians then create a comprehensive + personalized health plan to address diet, exercise, rest, and hormonal imbalances (if indicated). We adjust the plan as needed to fit your needs.

03 Live an Active, Healthy Lifestyle in Just 90 Days

You can expect to burn more fat and build more muscle. Your cognitive function will improve. You'll finally get a good night's rest. Your physical and sexual energy will improve. 

Aging is not a disease. It’s a natural process that can be effectively managed. Our advanced programs help men maintain optimal health and vitality.


3rd Party Verified Reviews
3rd Party Verified Reviews

I now wake up with a renewed zest for life and previous aches and pains that I was experiencing were completely vanished 

Dr. R.L. 

Soldotna, AK 

I began to see changes in my body composition just a few weeks after starting the program and I saw an improvement in my blood pressure, too. I've learned that it's not about dieting; it's about making a lifestyle change.  


Las Vegas, NV

The first six months I dropped 21 pounds of fat and put on 17 pounds of muscle and was at 5.3% body fat.

Dr. M.H. 

Tusla, OK 

Everything has been reversed, I feel like I am 18 years old. 


New York, NY 

After 5 weeks, I starting feeling "it" and it was so great to have some strength. I missed it. The improvements that I have seen have been incredible.


South Meridian, MS 

I choose to improve myself through living a Cenegenics® Lifestyle. Their professionals guided and advised me to strive for maximal results. I FEEL GREAT!!!!! 


Eagle River, AK 

They taught me the value of interval training and how to establish a better diet. As I've continued to follow their advice. I continue to improve and continue to be motivated.  


Wheaton, MN 

Discover How to Defy Your Age

If you listen to conventional wisdom you might think there's not much you can do about the signs of aging. But that's far from the truth! You can take back your health and feel young again. Get our white paper to discover the Cenegenics® difference.