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What is Genetic Testing?, Cenegenics genetic testing analyzes all twenty two thousand of a patient’s genes, Cenegenics entered exclusive partnership with New Amsterdam Genomics to offer state-of-the-art genetic analysis to provide instrumental genomic data to your Cenegenics physician to improve your program

What is Genetic Testing? Advanced Genomic Analysis with Cenegenics

Cenegenics Genetic Testing – Programs Tailored to Your Genetic Composition

Unlike others in their field, NAG analyzes all 22,000 of a patient’s genes, not only digitally, but also through the eyes of physicians to ensure outcomes are exact. Additionally, the company works with top research professionals from Harvard and Stanford to obtain and utilize the most up-to-date genetic information available.

Cenegenics Elite Heath is the largest and most experienced Age Management Practice in the world, focusing on nutrition, exercise and bio-identical hormone optimization. Through their exclusive partnership, Cenegenics is able to offer NAG’s personalized genetic testing to each member of its diverse and extensive patient base.

This will be life changing for Cenegenics’ patients who will now have health and pharmaceutical recommendations tailored specifically to their genetic composition. Cenegenics physicians are in the best position to contextualize this genetic information and drive action in order to mitigate potential health risks, helping their patients achieve a more proactive and preventive lifestyle.

“Cenegenics is thrilled to begin this relationship with New Amsterdam Genomics,” said Partner at Cenegenics Denver, Julie McCallen, MD. “We are completely focused on helping our patients live the longest, healthiest, and happiest lives possible, and I believe through this partnership we can work even more thoroughly towards achieving this goal.”

Meet Your Cenegenics Genetic Testing Team

The agreement secures for New Amsterdam Genomics the distinction of becoming the exclusive genetic testing option for all Cenegenics Elite Health Program members worldwide. Through Cenegenics, members will be able to get their entire exome sequenced by NAG’s CLIA-certified clinical laboratory and advanced algorithms.

These members will also have access to NAG’s secure online portal that provides them, as well as their Cenegenics physician, with medical insights based on their molecular traits. With the patient’s genome decoded, the physician and the patient can devise ways to optimize the patient’s health. Furthermore, the patient and physician will have lifetime access to the patient portal, allowing continuous updates on the patient’s genetic analysis as new genetic studies are published.

“We’re extremely honored to begin this important work with Cenegenics physicians and their patients,” said Andrew Mills, PhD, New Amsterdam Genomics CEO and Founder. “We are certain this kind of genetic testing will lead to longer, heathier lives.”

Adam Christopher Troeder, NAG’s VP and Founder of the Genomic Alliance stated, “For us, this is about giving as many people as possible an opportunity to improve quality of care and clinical outcomes, while also lowering healthcare costs and providing a more preventive approach healthcare.” Adam also added, “It will be an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Julie McCallen and the Cenegenics team on this roll out and future iterations of the product. Over time, we will become even more customized for Cenegenics patients, as the Cenegenics team sees fit.”

About Cenegenics

Founded in 1997, Cenegenics is proud to be the global leader and recognized leading authority in Age Management Medicine with over 35,000 patients worldwide. Cenegenics’ cofounders and visionaries, Alan Mintz, MD and John E. Adams, CEO, pioneered the field of Age Management Medicine, establishing a vital and much needed role in the international medical community.

Cenegenics bridged the gap between conventional medicine and a science-based, proactive approach to decrease the risk of age-related disease and lengthen health-span.

About New Amsterdam Genomics

New Amsterdam Genomics (NAG) was started in 2010 by Andrew Mills and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York. From disease prevention, risk assessment, and patient education, to cancer research and treatment, genomics stands to make healthcare a completely personalized experience.

NAG wants to empower each patient and their physician with the power of genomic data, and has lead the charge by developing a genomic analysis platform and suite of computational algorithms that determine the impact a person’s genome has on their health and wellbeing, all delivered through a point-of-care tool designed for clinical use and looking to optimize the patient experience and understanding of their DNA.

About the Genomic Alliance

The Genomic Alliance was founded in 2013 by Adam Christopher, and is a national consortium of medical professionals focusing on the exploration and development of Genetic Testing as it pertains to personalized care and best practices. The Genomic Alliance has taken the experience and perspective of thousands of medical professionals from all over the country in order to begin better understanding genetic testing best practices and utilization of genetic information to provide proactive and preventive care.

How Genetic Testing Can Improve Your Health – In Conclusion

Cenegenics partnered with New Amsterdam Genomics to create even more personalized programs for you through advanced DNA analysis. The results of your genetic test can help determine your risk of serious medical problems, assist in tailoring your diet, exercise and lifestyle choices to optimize your health, as well as determine which supplements will be most effective for you in order to reach your goals.

Next Steps to Schedule Your Health Evaluation with Cenegenics

Key Resources

This guide was produced with contributions from the following key resources: 

The Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation  

The Textbook of Age Management Medicine Volume 1: Mastering Healthy Aging Nutrition, Exercise and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Click to purchase

The Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation  

The Textbook of Age Management Medicine Volume 2: Mastering Healthy Aging Nutrition, Exercise and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Click to purchase

Textbook Authors:

Jeffrey Park Leake, M.D., CPT

Dr. Jeffrey Park Leake is a Partner and Director of Education at Cenegenics Elite Health specializing in age management and wellness. Having trained hundreds of physicians worldwide, Dr. Leake is also the Director of Education for the Clinical Strategies for Healthy Aging course at AMM Educational Foundation.

Todd David Greenberg, M.D., CSCS

Dr. Todd Greenberg is a practicing physician with a broad range of expertise, including wellness, exercise, sports injuries, and MRI of sports injuries. He is a Radiology Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington.

Age management medicine helps shift the paradigm from disease driven medicine to preventive healthcare, Cenegenics helps reduce risk of chronic disease with a comprehensive approach to medicine

What Is Age Management Medicine?

Age management medicine is not a new concept. An old Chinese proverb states:

“The inferior physician treats the disease once it occurs. The mediocre physician prevents the disease from coming back. The superior physician prevents the disease from ever occurring.”

Traditional thought has programmed us to expect aging and debilitating symptoms as an inevitable gloom, slowly penetrating our lives from middle age onward. That is not necessarily true. Research and time-tested therapies prove differently. Studies have redefined “healthy” as “living with the energy and vitality of someone years younger”. Achieving that level of health adds life to your years.

Age management medicine shifts the emphasis from disease-driven medicine to a preventive health medical practice, centered on evidence-based protocols that work synergistically to give you proactive, preventive healthcare.

In 1997, Cenegenics pioneered age management medicine and is both highly regarded in the medical community and the indisputable leader in this field. Cenegenics relies on the science of age management medicine to help identify and meet criteria, which places you in the lowest possible risk category for disease—particularly heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease—and thereby extending your health span.

By incorporating hormone optimization (when clinically indicated) harmoniously with appropriate exercise, nutrition, and supplementation in customized programs, Cenegenics can help target your specific health goals and get you on track to a healthier you.

Why Cenegenics?

#1 Leader. Thanks to the focus on preventive care, over 35,000 men and women worldwide are living their lives to the fullest with Cenegenics.

Trusted. Physicians trust us, as their families represent 25% of the Cenegenics elite membership. Cenegenics is also affiliated with the nonprofit Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation which proudly offers physicians a CME-accredited educational course in age management medicine.

Expert science, expert staff. At Cenegenics, you can count on progressive, evidence-based solutions for your health, delivered by dedicated physicians who are specifically trained and certified in age management medicine.

What changes in your health can you expect?

Decreased body fat percentage – A recent study shows that our patients reduced their body fat index in their first year by an average of 30%*.

Increased muscle tone & strength – Your Cenegenics physician and clinical team of professionals will create a fully personalized exercise and nutrition plan to help you meet your physical goals.

Improved sexual drive & function – Based on the recommendation of your Cenegenics physician, nutritional supplements and prescription hormones (as clinically indicated) are prescribed to optimize hormonal function.

Managed stress levels & improved mental acuity – Each segment of your plan is a vital building block designed to support your goals for a heightened sense of well-being that comes from restoring your body’s balance.

Refreshed sleep & increased energy levels – Your personalized plan can result in restored energy, less daytime fatigue, and better quality sleep.

Next Steps

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Additional Information

For additional information on What is Cenegenics? – Click Here

*Based on internal study of the last 200 Cenegenics patients completing their first annual re-evaluation, the average body fat percentage declined 30% from the initial extensive evaluation when joining the Cenegenics program. 


Patients meet with the Cenegenics physician during the Elite Health Evaluation, Consultations with the physician and clinical staff are including in the Cenegenics Cost, How much does Cenegenics cost is a commonly asked question and is something you can discuss with your physician as it varies by center location

What Does Cenegenics Cost?

Article at a Glance

  • The cost of Cenegenics varies by location, but we encourage you to ask about promotional discounts when you receive your free complimentary phone consultation.
  • The Cenegenics cost includes your initial Elite Health Evaluation which starts with a comprehensive lab panel, and the Gold Standard of diagnostic testing including: DEXA & body composition scan, VO2 Max testing, CIMT test, neuro-cognitive assessment, exercise and nutrition assessment, and your physician consultation.
  • Specialized testing such as telomere, food allergy, and genomic testing is also available at Cenegenics.

While executive health exams at high quality medical institutions are around $5,000 or more, the initial Cenegenics Elite Health Evaluation is less than that despite being the Gold Standard in extensive diagnostic testing and more focused on true preventive and not only disease testing. Cenegenics offers the Elite Health Evaluation starting at $4,495, although costs can vary by location. We do encourage you to ask about any promotional discounts, which may be available.

These costs are all-inclusive. The Elite Health Evaluation includes a comprehensive lab panel taken at your home or office with a phlebotomist, DXA scan to determine your body composition and bone density, VO2 Max testing to measure cardiopulmonary efficiency, CIMT scan to measure the health of your arteries, and other state-of-the-art testing. Cenegenics offers both Elite Health Evaluations for Men and Elite Health Evaluations for Women.

Elite Health Evaluation – Gold Standard Diagnostics

Cenegenics strives to provide superior healthcare by incorporating hormone optimization (when clinically indicated) harmoniously with appropriate exercise, nutrition, and supplementation in customized programs. Cenegenics relies on the science of age management medicine to help identify and meet criteria, which places you in the lowest possible risk category for disease — particularly heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease — and thereby extending your health span. In order to build your customized program, we start with your initial evaluation.

Comprehensive Lab Panel

The comprehensive lab panel is a state of the art chemistry panel and complete blood count that is the most extensive in the industry. Includes readings on 88 markers, many of which are not included in standard annual physicals. Our comprehensive lab panel is taken at your home or office, at your convenience. Comprehensive labs, such as this, are necessary for the detecting critical changes in your body before they manifest into chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes or worse. By monitoring markers within hormones, decisive steps to enhance your quality of life to decrease body fat, increase muscle tone, increase physical & sexual vitality, improve mental sharpness, improve sleep quality and decrease the risk of age-related diseases.

DEXA & Body Composition Scan

DEXA scan measuring body fat and bone density included in cost of Cenegenics, DEXA giving accurate scan of body composition included in Cenegenics cost

The DEXA Scan is a test that measures total body fat and includes the exact breakdown of bone density, fat tissue, and muscle mass in the body. DEXA is significant more accurate than BMI and hydrostatic weighing. This body composition scan gives you the information necessary to lose stubborn body fat, build more lean muscle, identify health risks, as well as track your physiological response to your nutrition plan and fitness plan.

VO2 Max Cardiovascular Testing

VO2 Max Test measuring cardiovascular endurance and is included in the Cenegenics cost, exercise physiologist testing patients cardio endurance

VO2 Max Testing is a measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense exercise to determine aerobic fitness level and heart rate training zones. This measurement is generally considered the best indicator of cardiovascular health and aerobic endurance, and can help shape your exercise plan.

Carotid Intima-Media Scan (CIMT)

Testing patient for risk of heart attack and stroke using CIMT, patient receiving carotid ultrasound during health evaluation is included in Cenegenics cost

Carotid Intima-Media Scan (CIMT) is a specialized ultrasound of the carotid arteries and is used as a preventive measure against heart attack and stroke. The carotid artery transports blood from your heart to your brain. As thickening occurs in the arteries, plaque can silently build up over years, and often the first symptom a person may experience is heart attack. Physicians are able to provide nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, or suggestions for further action depending upon the state of your carotid arteries.

Neuro-Cognitive Assessment

The neuro-cognitive assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s cognitive status by specific neurologic domains, i.e. memory, attention, problem solving, language, visuospatial, processing speed motor, and emotion.

Nutrition & Exercise

During the initial evaluation, you will spend time discussing your current exercise & dietary habits in order to determine personal goals which can be achieved with the right food choices and exercise programs, allowing for optimum physical health.

Physician Consultation

During your consultation your Age Management Medicine Certified Cenegenics physician will carefully evaluate and discuss the results of your extensive lab analysis, diagnostics, medical history, nutrition and exercise consultation and lifestyle. Various health and lifestyle topics will be discussed to help design the program that is right for you. Your physician will also discuss key fundamentals including: aging facts, the role of hormones in your health, andropause or menopause, nutraceutical supplementation, low glycemic nutrition, resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and risk factors related to cardiovascular disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, sleep disorders, weight loss, bone density (osteoporosis and osteopenia), depression, libido/sexual drive, certain cancers and cognitive function.

Specialized Testing

Depending upon your specialized interests, the following tests are also available at Cenegenics.

Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program

The Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program helps you break free of the limitations of conventional testing, and gives you a more significant, specific and accurate assessment of your cardiac health.

This program is critical for your future health if you have a family history of heart disease or stroke. It helps you avoid future events if you have had cardiovascular disease or had bypass surgery, heart attack or stroke. It is an innovative program designed by four experts in the field – a cardiovascular surgeon and three cardiologists.

Telomere Testing

telomere length helps determine cells aging, testing to determine health of cells, telomere testing is not including in your health evaluation and is not included in the Cenegenics cost

Telomere testing helps measure how well your cells are aging and gives you an opportunity to learn more about your age-related risk factors.

Telomeres provide a tip at the end of each chromosome to protect the cell. Each time the cell divides in order to replicate, the telomere of each chromosome shortens. When a cell’s telomere becomes too short – from replicating, telomere length genetics, lifestyle habits, and/or environmental factors, the cell dies. Therefore, determining telomere length is considered an exceptional biomarker to determine one’s biological vs. chronological age.

Why Get Tested?

  • Telomere Length Matters: Telomere length indicates an overall health status.
  • Inspire Change: Receive a better understanding of the lifestyle habits that impact aging.
  • Better Treatment: Allows physicians to offer a more personalized treatment plan.
  • Set a Baseline: Results are used to set a baseline and can track progress through retesting.
  • Know Where You Stand: Receive a comparison of your results to the results of others of the same demographic.

Micronutrient Testing

Micronutrient testing is a groundbreaking, patented technology at Cenegenics that provides information to help optimize your nutrients. This unique blood test proves a powerful tool in controlling your aging process – measuring specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients in your white blood cells to determine cellular function.

Real fact: 50% of people taking multivitamins are actually nutritionally deficient. Contributing factors include lifestyle habits (prescription drugs, smoking, alcohol consumption, and even intense exercise), age factors (i.e. lack of enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract), inability to absorb nutrients, chronic illness, and metabolic disposition. This can lead to disease over time, from cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes to osteoporosis, arthritis, immune disorders and more.

Disease Risk Profile

The Disease Risk Profile provides a precise assessment of 30 individual fatty acids and 5 of the important ratios (such as the ones influencing chronic inflammatory states), as well as percent distributions of fat families, including the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The report of your results includes recommendations to assist in rebalancing your fatty acids for optimal health.

Maintaining a proper balance between the various families of dietary fats may be one of the most important preventative measures a person can take to reduce the likelihood of developing one of the chronic diseases of modern civilization.

Fatty acids were once thought to be nothing more than a stored form of caloric energy. Current research indicates that fatty acids are some of the most essential nutrients in the human diet, critical for cell membrane structure and function and for local “hormonal” signaling. The number of diseases whose clinical course can be improved by fatty acid therapy is huge, including inflammatory disorders, cardiovascular disease, hormonal disorders, autoimmune disorders, forms of arthritis, mental and behavioral disorders, and many cases of senile neurological degeneration.

Food Allergy Testing

Cenegenics offers an advanced food allergy test that identifies possible existing allergies from 93 different foods. These results will help you and your nutrition and exercise counselor better customize a nutrition plan, usually minimizing or even eliminating these foods altogether. This can bring about major improvements in many symptoms and disorders triggered by food, which have now been identified through testing.

Even the perfect nutrition plan can do harm if you are not certain of the foods that can make you ill. Food allergies can cause immune system reactions ranging from runny nose to life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Some of the symptoms that may dissipate with a shift in diet, which eliminates foods that may be causing your chief complaints include:

  • acne, eczema, rashes
  • anxiety
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • candidiasis
  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic infections
  • depression
  • fibromyalgia
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • leaky gut syndrome
  • migraines
  • movement disorders
  • multiple sclerosis
  • OCD
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • seizures

Genomic Testing

“Genomic Testing available at Cenegenics, genome analysis can reveal risk of disease, genomic testing is not included in the Elite Health Evaluation and is in addition to the Cenegenics Cost of your Elite Health Program

Cenegenics has partnered with New Amsterdam Genomics (NAG), the world leader in DNA analysis, to provide this state-of-the-art DNA analysis using whole exome sequencing that allows us to contextualize the results and determine the next steps to take towards optimal health.

NAG testing analyzes all 22,000 genes to help identify specific medical issues as well as understand any broader implications related to them. NAG differs from similar programs like 23andMe because NAG uses advanced technology including exome sequencing, whereas 23andMe uses genotyping and only looks at common variants and mutations. NAG is more extensive and thus capable of identifying your risk for disease as well as traits that you do not exhibit but may affect your children in the future.

Your Genome Can Reveal:

  • Pharmacogenomics (optimized medication selection and dosing)
  • Risks for thousands of diseases (e.g. cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.)
  • Diet, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations
  • Traits in your DNA you don’t exhibit, but may affect your children
  • Unique features you weren’t aware of
  • Your ancestry

Patient Comment on “How Much Does Cenegenics Cost”

“Don’t confuse Cenegenics with the dozens of hormone-alternative clinics springing up in strip malls all over the country. I’m sorry to tell you that those anti-aging clinics are to Cenegenics what McDonald’s is to the Four Seasons. Cenegenics has a rock-solid track record-20 years of experience with over 35,000 patients. Doctors come from all over the country to get certified in age-management medicine by the non-profit Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation. In a very real sense, Cenegenics wrote the proverbial book on how to do this stuff the right and responsible way. As a doctor friend of mine once joked, don’t shop for bargains in parachutes, scuba diving equipment, or hormone replacement programs.”

~Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS – Cenegenics Las Vegas Patient

Read the full article by Jonny Bowden featured in Jet Set Magazine

Cost of Cenegenics Elite Health Evaluation – In Conclusion

The cost of Cenegenics Elite Health evaluation is significantly less than other executive health exams at high quality medical institutions, which are often priced over $5,000. The cost of the Cenegenics Elite Health Evaluation varies by center but is always less than that despite being cutting edge diagnostic testing focused on true preventive medicine, not only disease testing.

These costs are all inclusive. The Elite initial evaluation includes a comprehensive lab panel, DXA scan, VO2 Max Test, CIMT, and other state-of-the-art testing, as well as a consultation with a nutrition and exercise expert and your age management medicine trained Cenegenics physicians. Invest in your health today!

Please see the links below for more information on our Elite Health Evaluation and Cenegenics.

How to Schedule Your Elite Health Evaluation

Register for your complimentary phone consultation.

We hope the information above assisted you in your research process.

Additional Information about the Cenegenics Elite Health Programs

What is Cenegenics?

What is Age Management Medicine?

Defy Your Age™ With Cenegenics 

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

Cenegenics Elite Health Program: Why You Should Consider Age Management Your Next Investment

Cenegenics is the clinical leader in age management medicine and has treated over thirty five thousand patients, the elite health evaluation focuses on establishing your medical baselines which will help determine the foundation of your programming

Key to Health & Wellness: What is Cenegenics?

Founded in 1997, Cenegenics is the clinical leader in age management medicine having treated over 35,000 patients, 25% of which are physicians and their families. Cenegenics takes a comprehensive approach to preventive medicine enabling patients to achieve optimal health instead of the traditional approach of treating diseases as they arise. Based on an internal study, the average Cenegenics patient reduces their body fat index by 30% in the first year on the program.

Take Back Your Vitality with the Cenegenics Program

Each Cenegenics program is tailored to optimize your health & wellness by addressing issues such as weight management and important genetic markers

Cenegenics provides a partnership that supports a life-changing experience. We proudly offer you access to elite medical experts who remain by your side throughout your transformation. Whether you’re already healthy and looking to take yourself to the next level, or ready to make a change that will benefit you for the rest of your life, Cenegenics will tailor a program to ensure your lifelong goals are met and surpassed. Cenegenics cost is all-inclusive.

The Cenegenics Elite Health Evaluation

Man meeting with exercise physiologist during Cenegenics Health Evaluation, physician establishing baseline during Cenegenics evaluation

The foundation of the Cenegenics program is the Elite Health Evaluation. This full day of testing establishes your hormonal, physiologic and fitness baseline, serving as the basis of your Cenegenics program. The components of the evaluation include:

•  Medical history and lifestyle assessment

•  Comprehensive blood tests

•  Physical evaluation

•  DEXA scan - determines bone density

•  Body composition scan - measures total and regional body fat

•  CIMT (a specialized ultrasound of the carotid arteries) for heart attack and stroke risk assessment

•  Core strength and flexibility assessment

•  VO2 testing - determines your aerobic fitness level and heart rate training zones

•  Neurocognitive testing

•  Open-ended physician consultation

•  Presentation of your plan of action

A Lifetime of Ongoing Health & Wellness

People are often curious about What is Cenegenics?, Cenegenics is the clinical leader in age management medicine, Cenegenics helps shift the paradigm from the traditional disease model in medicine to preventive care

As part of our partnership, your progress on the Cenegenics program will be monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis, consistently measuring your current state versus your goals.

• Easy access to your clinical team including your physician and exercise and nutrition consultant

• Modifications of your Cenegenics program by your Cenegenics physician based on blood work results and clinical progress

• Ongoing modifications of your exercise plan based on your own fitness level, motivation and lifestyle

• Close monitoring and fine-tuning of your nutrition program to ensure you are getting good results

• Medical grade vitamins and supplements

Additional Cutting-Edge Testing

In addition to your customized program, you may consider additional testing based on your current needs, such as: 

  • Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program

  • Genomic (DNA) Testing

  • Telomere Measurement

  • Micronutrient Testing

  • Food Allergy Testing

Reaching Your Health Potential with Cenegenics

Couple with increased zest for life because of Cenegenics program, Couple improved well-being after Cenegenics Elite Health Evaluation, Couple prepares healthy meal to support life-changing program

Cenegenics provides you with a complete life changing program—one built on low-glycemic and anti-inflammatory nutrition, exercise, nutraceutical supplementation and hormone optimization. No single element stands alone. Its effect keeps your body in perfect harmony and supports your prime objective—realizing your health goals and enjoying a life filled with vigor and a heightened sense of well-being.

Cenegenics has helped over 35,000 patients dramatically change their vitality and optimize their health. Visit our Cenegenics Reviews Page to hear about Cenegenics Patients' experiences on the Cenegenics Elite Health Programs.

Cenegenics in the Media

Cenegenics continues to capture media attention around the world, recognized as a leading authority on age management medicine.

Cenegenics’ media exposure includes CNBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Men’s Health, Forbes, NY Times and more.

What is Cenegenics – In Conclusion

Cenegenics is the clinical leader in age management medicine, providing a preventive approach by offering state-of-the-art comprehensive programs that are tailored to each patient’s health goals.

Next Steps to Schedule Your Health Evaluation with Cenegenics


Our world class physicians create a personalized plan to help you feel 10+ years younger. You'll be more energetic, lose weight, sleep better, have more libido, and think more clearly. Click below to schedule a free consultation with one of our physicians. It's quick + easy. 

Key Resources

This guide was produced with contributions from the following key resources: 

The Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation  

The Textbook of Age Management Medicine Volume 1: Mastering Healthy Aging Nutrition, Exercise and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Click to purchase

The Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation  

The Textbook of Age Management Medicine Volume 2: Mastering Healthy Aging Nutrition, Exercise and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Click to purchase

Textbook Authors:

Jeffrey Park Leake, M.D., CPT

Dr. Jeffrey Park Leake is a Partner and Director of Education at Cenegenics Elite Health specializing in age management and wellness. Having trained hundreds of physicians worldwide, Dr. Leake is also the Director of Education for the Clinical Strategies for Healthy Aging course at AMM Educational Foundation.

Todd David Greenberg, M.D., CSCS

Dr. Todd Greenberg is a practicing physician with a broad range of expertise, including wellness, exercise, sports injuries, and MRI of sports injuries. He is a Radiology Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington.