Join 30,386 Executives + Professionals Who’ve Taken Charge of Their Health, Lost the Weight + Feel Amazing
(Without Risky Bariatric Surgery)

Cenegenics physicians take a 100% personalized + comprehensive approach to weight loss. They incorporate scientific, evidence-based tactics to ensure clients meet their weight loss goals AND keep the weight off for the long term.

Cenegenics is the undisputed clinical leader in the field of age defiance. Our physicians help you get to the root causes of underlying health issues, while helping you lose weight. 

Cenegenics pioneered Age Management Medicine in 1997 and is regarded as the Gold Standard in the medical community. 

In a recent study, Cenegenics members record an average decrease of 30% in body fat percentage. 

Physicians trust us as their families represent 25% of our elite membership.

Patient Results

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