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Everything You Need to Know About Staying Healthy as You Age

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This course will teach you the most important things you need to know about staying healthy as you age. 

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Lesson 1 – Common Myths of Aging

Aging is inevitable. All of us will experience the passing of time and its effects on our physical body. But at Cenegenics we say that "Youth is a Feeling, Not a Number." This is because we've seen so many people continue to experience a vibrant and healthy life year after year. You'll discover the most common myths of aging and why our physicians are challenging the status quo. 

Lesson 2 – What Your Primary Care Physician is Missing

When was the last time you spent more than 15 minutes with your primary care physician? (It’s not their fault-- just the way it is with today’s healthcare structure).  Those visits are designed to be quick, not thorough. Your primary care physician’s lack of training limits them to looking solely at the symptoms instead of uncovering the real reason your body is no longer functioning at peak performance. The traditional health care model is primitive when compared to a personalized-science driven program like Cenegenics. 

Lesson 3 – Exposing Hidden Health Problems

Traditional doctors are given less than 1 hour of training in nutrition and exercise. Throughout their 8 years of schooling they are taught how to treat symptoms, not how to stop them. Discover the many types of hidden health problems our physicians discover during the Elite Health Evaluation. 

Lesson 4 – Eating for Optimal Health – What Does Cenegenics Recommend

 With a new book, magazine or dieting app hitting the market every month-- it’s nearly impossible not to fall victim to bad dietary advice. From carb restriction and low fat trackers, to fancy calorie counters and protein shake diets. The world of nutrition can become overwhelming at an alarming speed. So, what’s the truth about diet? Diet is created based on the individual and no two diets will look exactly alike.

Lesson 5 – Eating for Optimal Health – What Does Cenegenics Recommend

We continue the look into the best foods to eat for optimal health and you'll discover how our DEXA scan technology allows us to get a clear picture of your body composition and where the major areas of fat are located. 

Lesson 6 – Exercising for Optimal Health – What Cenegenics Recommends

Since exercise plays a big role in keeping you young, fit, and less prone to developing disease — it’s important that you know the best types of exercises for your unique body. You'll discover the best types of exercise as you age and how to find out exactly Cenegenics creates a personalized exercise plan based on your unique genetic makeup. 

Lesson 7 – The Role of Biomarker, Hormone + Other Testing for Optimizing Health

A biomarker is simply something about your body that can be measured. There are certain measurements that help identify what you could potentially be at risk for. Identifying these risk factors enables a proactive medical approach to treatment. Discover why Cenegenics uses 88 biomarkers and advanced hormone testing as part of their Elite Health Evaluation.

BONUS – How Cenegenics Can Help

With over 20 centers and growing throughout the U.S. and internationally we are excited to surpass your expectations! We offer complimentary private consultations and full VIP treatments through our patient experience. Your prime wasn't yesterday — It's Tomorrow!

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