Hormone replacement therapy is a big part of my personal health, wellness and fitness program.

I’ve been on the Cenegenics program since 1998 (and a consultant with the company since 2017).

Cenegenics is the best way I know to live and feel younger no matter what your age.

If you’d like to talk with me directly about whether Cenegenics is right for you, please contact me through this page -- it would be my pleasure to talk to you.

[email protected]

I look forward to talking with you about the joys of living younger!


Dr. Jonny Bowden


8 years before I discovered Cenegenics, I was an overweight, unhealthy musician”


I began working out and dieting the next year and became a patient at Cenegenics in 1999.

I went on to get a Masters in psychology, six certifications as a personal trainer, and a PhD in nutrition.

These pictures were taken last year, when I was 71, 19 years after starting the Cenegenics program.

The woman in the pic is my fiancee, age 49, also on the Cenegenics program!