Join over 35,386 Executives + Professionals Who’ve Taken Charge of Their Health, Defied Aging, and are Finally In Control of How They Look and Feel

Cenegenics physicians take a 100% personalized + comprehensive approach to health optimization. They incorporate scientific, evidence-based tactics to enable patients to live active, healthy lifestyles as they age.

Cenegenics is the undisputed clinical leader in the field of health optimization. Our physicians go beyond disease-based medicine and focus on preventive medicine. They help you get to the root causes of underlying health issues. 

In 1997 Cenegenics pioneered Age Management Medicine and has since been regarded as the Gold Standard in the medical community. 

In a recent study, Cenegenics members recorded an average decrease of 30% in body fat percentage.*

Physicians trust us as their families represent 25% of our elite membership.

How It Works 

The Cenegenics Program starts with a full-day extensive evaluation. The purpose is to determine your disease risk factors and the baseline of your body chemistry and current health. The evaluation encompasses extensive testing and diagnosis which our physicians use to drill down and identify underlying issues such as low energy or inability to lose weight.

The results of this evaluation then allows our physicians to fully customize your program to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve optimal health. To us, achieving optimal health means going beyond the "normal" ranges of traditional medicine, which encompass metrics from unhealthy populations. Instead, we strive for wellness optimization and balance all biologic levels to target true measures of improved health.





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