A 30% Reduction in Body Fat is Just The Beginning

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Eric Noble

Soldotna, AK

Dr. R.L. 

I now wake up with a renewed zest for life and previous aches and pains that I was experiencing were completely vanished.

​Barbara Wayman

Tusla, OK

Dr. M.H.

The first six months I dropped 21 pounds of fat and put on 17 pounds of muscle and was at 5.3% body fat.

​John Doe

Las Vegas, NV


I began to see changes in my body composition just a few weeks after starting the program and I saw an improvement in my blood pressure, too. I've learned that it's not about dieting; it's about making a lifestyle change.  

​Sarah Jameson

South Meridian, MS 


After 5 weeks, I starting feeling "it" and it was so great to have some strength. I missed it. The improvements that I have seen have been incredible.

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